Our ambassadors

Coming from varied backgrounds but gathered around the same passion, our ambassadors have agreed to make Roxy & Rich shine everywhere in the world!

As a cake artist I want to use the best products I can that are around, that give the best results. Whether it’s for a customer’s cake, a class or a competition piece. With Roxy & Rich I know that’s the case with any of the ranges they make. I can rely on their products and be proud of the work I’ve done.

Kay Gajra

Kay Gajra is a mother and cake artist who has been making cakes for the past 5 years. She is also the cake artist behind Kaykes, a cake studio based in Bolton, UK. Kay is a self-taught cake artist whose focus and expertise are sculpted cakes and airbrushing/hand colouring.

From the very creation of Kaykes, it has been her passion and love of art and realism that have pushed Kay to create each unique piece that comes out of her studio. Kaykes has won multiple awards and also has had the honour to be featured in such magazines as Cake Masters, Cake International, Cake and Craft, Wedding Cakes, and many more. Her work has also been featured in spreads in the Australian cake magazine Cake. Over the last year, her creations have appeared on television, in the news, and on the children’s show Blue Peter, for which she had re-created the show’s beloved pet cats in cake form. Kay has taken part in a handful of collaborations that have been featured at Cake International as well as in magazines and web-based projects. Kay is now teaching 1-on-1 as well as group classes on cake sculpting and colouring in her studio. She also offers workshops world-wide and show demos in the UK and abroad.


I use only the best ingredients inside my cakes so I know they are something I can be proud of; why should the decoration be roxany different? Roxy & Rich give me the numerous colours I need to ensure this happens!

the cake man

Ben has been baking ever since he was able to stand on a box and reach his nan’s worktop in her kitchen. He made his first wedding cake for a family friend whilst he was still at school and, whilst continuing his passion for baking as a hobby alongside his studies in more traditional cheffing at the College of Food in Birmingham, excelled enough to launch a productive career which started in London, and has since taken him around the world working in some of the highest regarded Michelin starred kitchens, and subsequently alongside some of the world’s best chefs. Whether preparing food for the public, aristocracy or wealthy families, Ben’s passion for food has earned him a well-deserved reputation for excellence and this is evidenced by the array of prestigious awards – including British Young Chef for three years running – which now hang in his studio.

After many years, Ben decided to focus on his real dream: to establish a wedding cake-making business in the Midlands which would rival those better known in the Capital. His passion for is work, attention to detail and easy manner with clients have ensured high respect and influence which have been picked up by various media, to which he frequently contributes. He also works with some of the cake world’s most popular brands, for whom he is proud to be an ambassador, and his expertise and input is also helping these sponsors to develop new products such as flavourings and icings.

Ben currently holds one of the enviable positions of Senior Judge at Cake international, the world’s largest cake event and competition, and still manages to make over 100 wedding cake masterpieces each year, running his successful business single-handedly.


Wish I could give you more stars! Roxy and Rich truly brought my competition pieces to life! Lovely people. Thank you!

Bryson Perkins

Originally from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, Bryson made his way to New Hampshire at the age of nineteen in search of a fresh start, independence, and opportunity. At the age of 24 Bryson discovered cake decorating and shortly after began creating cakes purely as a hobby to fill his void of homesickness. After countless hours, days, and years of research, practice, and fails… Bryson got the courage to submit a resume to a local pastry shop where he became a full time cake artist for the next two years.

In 2010 Bryson set off on his own. With the help of his friends and investors he opened Triolo’s Bakery in December of 2012. During his short cake career Bryson has had the pleasure of creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces for celebrities, politicians, charitable foundations, and everyone in between.

With an arsenal of cake designing skills under his belt, Bryson dazzles the cake decorating community with mediums that include; fondant, butter cream, modeling chocolate, royal icing, gum paste, and isomalt. Bryson has also mastered various techniques such as; figurine sculptures, gum paste flowers, hyper realistic animals, sculptured cakes, sugar art, elegant stacked wedding cakes, painting, dry dusting, airbrushing, oriental string work, African wings, pressure piping, and moulding.

During his brief competition career, Bryson has garnered more than 100 top professional awards which include; Nine blue ribbon wedding cake entries, Nine Best in Shows, Four People’s choice awards, numerous Best of Division ‘Masters’ awards, Decorators Choice award, and many many more.

In 2015, Bryson has the Grand honor of representing the Unites States of America in the first ever- Cake Designers World Championship in Milan, Italy.

In 2016, Bryson was named a Top Ten Cake Artist by Dessert Professional Magazine, and Top Ten International Cake Artist by the New York Cake Academy.

In 2017, Bryson was crowned Grand National Champion in the prestigious Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show.

In October of 2017, Bryson won the silver medal in the Cake Designers World Championship in Milan, Italy.


It’s so inspiring to see my students discover how easy it is to use Fondust, and the sparkle in their eyes when they use the Lustre Dust. The expression on their faces says it all!

Gilles Leblanc

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Gilles Leblanc was the youngest of six children. His interests in the arts were present at a very young age, and very encouraged by his mother, whom loved the arts as well. His pastime as a child was always based around the arts, whether sculpting or painting, he enjoyed experimenting with the different materials. As time passed, his passion and curiosity grew and Gilles Leblanc wanted to pursue this career. Being a perfectionist, he enrolled in a well renowned jewelry school, to better perfect his knowledge of the various metals. It wasn’t long after that Gilles Leblanc was exposed in various art galleries, and was featured in different magazines. Electroforming, bronze, silver and even gold, all gave Gilles Leblanc’s pieces their originality, and unique quality.

Gilles Leblanc eventually had to put his sculpting and career on hold, but his passion for the arts never died. He later discovered the art of cake decorating, and his passion was renewed. Gilles Leblanc’s talent in sculpting, and original ideas succeeded in creating many diversified cake pieces. Gilles Leblanc has also taken part in many cake collaborations, and has been featured in various magazines, earning him the admiration of his peers.

Gilles Leblanc is not only an artist, but also a very giving person. He continues to participate in the cause for underprivileged children through his cakes.


Roxy & Rich have the most amazing array of colours and all completely edible, there’s nothing else like it on the market and to create high quality designs you need to use a high-quality product and for me that’s Roxy & Rich.

Karen Keaney

Karen Keaney is the founder and owner of Roses and Bows Cakery. With a background in art, and an accomplished baker, Karen is an international award-winning cake designer. She is also a proud member of the Panel of Chefs of Ireland and an ambassador for some of the cake world’s most popular brands.

Known for her airbrushing skills, sculpted cakes and her unique approach to cake design she was awarded Gold, Best in Class and Best in Show at the Irish Sugarcraft Show in 2014. Her design for a wedding cake won a Gold medal at the prestigious Salon Culinaire at Hotelympia in London in 2014. In November 2014 Karen entered Cake International in Birmingham, boasting the world’s largest display of competition pieces with over 1000 entries and came away with another Gold for her entry.

2015 was another year of competitions and challenges starting off on a great note winning yet another gold at Cake International in Manchester. In February Karen entered Chef Ireland Competition and came away with a Gold with Honours, the highest mark in the entire competition and went on to win the title of Senior Chef of the Year 2015. In September Karen represented Ireland in the Live Global Cake Challenge at The Americas Cake and Sugarcraft Fair in Orlando, Florida. The competition was live on stage against 9 other countries including China, Italy and the USA. Karen won first prize taking home the title of Live Global Cake Challenge Champion. To wrap up the year she entered two pieces into Cake International and claimed two more gold medals.

In 2016 Karen entered Salon Culinaire at IFEX and came away with another 3 gold medals, following on with another 2 gold awards at Cake International in Birmingham in March and in Cake International, London in April. In May 2016 Karen was named as one of the Top Ten Cake Artists in the World at the New York Cake Show. In November 2016 Karen entered Cake International, Birmingham and achieved another gold along with winning Best Novelty Cake Artist of 2016 at The Cake Masters Magazine Awards.

Karen started off 2017 by winning Best in Show at Cake International. In October, she entered The Americas Cake Fair in Orlando Florida winning First in the Professional Sculpted Cake Division and Best in Show.

She also regularly contributes to Cake Craft and Decoration magazine, Party Cakes Magazine and often features in Cake Masters Magazine and American Cake Decorating Magazine along with many other online publications as well as having work published in the American Out of Step Books limited edition art book ‘Excavate’ and ‘Enchanted’.

Karen teaches live classes at sugarcraft schools all over the world along with running her own online school.